Beef Antitrust Litigation

You may be eligible for a refund if you fall into the category as described:  All persons and entities who, from January 1, 2015 through February 10, 2022, purchased for use or delivery in the United States, directly from any of the Defendants or their respective subsidiaries and affiliates, boxed or case-ready beef processed from Fed Cattle, excluding ground beef made from culled cows.

If approved by the Court, the Settlement will resolve a lawsuit over whether JBS conspired with other beef producers (Cargill, National Beef, and Tyson), the purpose and effect of which was to suppress competition and to allow these companies to charge supra-competitive prices for case-ready and boxed beef during the Settlement Class Period. If approved, the Settlement will avoid litigation costs and risks to Direct Purchaser Plaintiffs and JBS, and will release JBS from liability to members of the Settlement Class.

  • Current Settlement Total: $52,500,000
  • Defendants: Cargill, National Beef, JBS, Tyson
  • Filing Deadline: TBD
  • Contact DSG

View the class action summary in a PDF.